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Follow the government guidelines. Contain the spread of the virus. Save livelihoods.



Reem Surface Disinfectant is a universal biocidal disinfectant product suitable for use on all surfaces, materials, equipment and furniture, containing active chlorine and chlorine dioxide generated from sodium chlorite by oxidation.


It is a stable, single spray use solution. It does not contain any harsh chemicals like most disinfectant and bleach-based products. It is 11 times more effective than chlorine alone and 2.5 times more effective than hydrogen peroxide (bleach). Reem Surface Disinfectant is therefore highly effective at low concentration levels. Reem Surface Disinfectant completely eradicates all viruses and bacteria.

Scientifically Tested

Reem Surface Disinfectant has been scientifically tested under European norm standards and proven to eradicate Coronavirus, HIV, Hepatitis, Influenza and many more viruses and bacteria on surfaces. It has the following EN Certifications - EN13727, EN13697, EN13624, EN13697 and EN14476.


Fighting Covid-19:

Covid-19 is highly infectious, and it is believed the virus can live on surfaces for up to 72 hours. Reem Surface Disinfectant can be highly effective in creating safer work, education and public environments when compared with other current disinfectants that have clear deficiencies.


Dwell time:

The period of time a sanitiser or disinfectant must remain wet and in contact with a surface, to achieve the products desired efficacy. Some products have dwell times of up to 10 minutes before they achieve the desired pathogenic control which is only up to 99.9%. With increased cleaning requirements this process can prove difficult to maintain efficiently.


Reem Surface Disinfectant completely eradicates viruses in 30 seconds, providing up to 72 hours protection after application (See Fig.1 for comparison chart).



All current chemical disinfectants are potentially harmful or toxic. When bleach is inhaled it is irritating and can be corrosive to skin, lungs and eyes. Using bleach can also cause migraines, muscle weakness, abdominal discomfort, nausea and damage to the nervous system. Reem Surface Disinfectant is non-harmful, odourless and has a pH level of 8, (less that hand soap) and has been fully dermatologically tested. Whereas Domestos has a pH level of +12.5.


The Solution

Reem Surface Disinfectant completely eradicates and the market leader in speed and efficiency. Use of Reem Surface Disinfectant will ensure that all businesses carry absolutely zero Coronavirus on any surface and will not allow the virus to return or be transmitted to visitors.


Product Range and Applications.

Reem Surface Disinfectant is available both concentrated and ready to use formats. Reem Surface Disinfectant: A ready to use format, that can be applied directly to any hard surface for immediate results. Our proprietary stabilisation technology gives the product an 18-month effective shelf life.



Restaurant tables, reception desks, meeting room surfaces, fitness areas, food preparation areas. Generally, the ready to use product could be left for re-application in all frequent use areas with probable contract/touch points. Can be applied by anyone. Immediate use at any time by anyone. Long shelf life. Non-harmful to skin or the senses. Safe for use in and around food preparation.


Reem Surface Disinfectant PLUS: Concentrated format, mixed with water on site at a rate of 5ml of concentrate per litre and is immediately effective, with a shelf life of 48 hours once mixed. More cost effective for larger surfaces and when mixed. Easily mixed on site.



Reem Surface Disinfectant Plus performs the same as Reem Surface Disinfectant when applied to surfaces, but is delivered in a concentrated format, to be mixed with water on-site making it significantly cheaper and more suited to larger areas, floors, hospital rooms and corridors, meeting rooms, petrol stations and pumps and areas with a lower probability of regular contact. Whilst equally safe when mixed, Reem Surface Disinfectant Plus should be applied by trained cleaning staff as part of their daily routine.


Recommendations for use:

Reem Surface Disinfectant in either format is specifically formulated to eradicate Covid and all known envelope viruses, including Influenza on contact, whilst being non-harmful to the user and surface. It is not a cleaning product, it is produced to make surfaces safe and virus free. It is designed to be applied to a surface and will completely destroy any Covid-19 traces within 30 seconds or less. Other products that are designed to be left on surfaces for up to 10 minutes, can ultimately damage surfaces and/or transfer to a person touching that surface.


Your Business could make Reem Surface Disinfectant readily available for application in office spaces, meeting rooms, kitchens, communal areas, and other areas with multiple touch points. Research has suggested the Covid-19 virus can remain active on surfaces for up to 28 days and the repeated use of small quantities of Reem Surface Disinfectant could actively reduce transmittable rates within environments for staff and visitors.


In concentrated format, Reem Surface Disinfectant Plus should be used by cleaning staff following dilution guidance, where the product can be mixed on site and applied in greater volume to all areas including floors, desks, communal kitchens, lifts, stair rails, door handles etc. The frequency and quantity applied depends on how often the area will be used, but a general rule would be to apply following normal cleaning routines to ensure all surfaces are Covid free at all times. Reem Surface Disinfectant Plus can be applied using any mist spray or refillable spray applicator.

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