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REEM Premium Sneaker Cleaning Kit

REEM Premium Sneaker Cleaning Kit


Included in the bundle:


- Reem Sneaker Cleaner 

- Reem Sneaker Protector 

- Microfibre Cloth

- Brush


Our 100% Organic 'REEM PREMIUM SNEAKER CLEANING KIT' consists of our unique stubborn stain decomposition factor. Tough on stains but kind to hands, fabrics and is also environmentally friendly due to its natural plant formula. Leaves no residue after cleaning along with our sneaker protector providing protection from liquids and spills. Tough at repelling stains but kind to hands, fabrics and is also environmentally friendly due to its natural plant formula. No harmful ingredients, no volatile solvents, no pungent smells, while at the same time protecting the shoes surface. 



Can be used on all types of shoe fabrics including:


- Canvas

- Leather

- Nubuck

- Patent

- Suede

- Synthetics

    £20.99 Regular Price
    £4.20Sale Price
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