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Reem Biotechnology Ltd. - The Who, What, Where and Why!!

Reem Surface Disinfectant is a unique Chlorine Dioxide biological formulation, which has been used extensively in water treatment, food hygiene and other sectors around the world for nearly 20 years.

In response to the Covid-19 outbreak, the formulation was rapidly adapted and tested to ensure our market leading product was suitable for use as a disinfectant against Covid-19 and other viruses.

Our product successfully harnesses the most powerful substance for virus control, whilst ensuring it remains completely safe for end users. Hand and Eye protection are not required for normal use.

Spray onto any water resistant surfaces for complete protection. Reem Surface Disinfectant is a highly effective disinfectant based on its active substance Chlorine Dioxide, which has a biocidal effect against bacteria, viruses and fungi.

Reem Surface Disinfectant has been successfully proven to kill Coronavirus in 30 seconds.

Reem Surface Disinfectant Plus performs the same as Reem Surface Disinfectant when applied to surfaces, but is delivered in a concentrated format, to be mixed with water on-site making it significantly cheaper and more suited to larger areas.

These include; production facilities, storage facilities, transport, fisheries, floors and larger areas with a lower probability of regular contact.

Whilst equally safe when mixed, Reem Surface Disinfectant Plus should be applied by trained cleaning staff as part of their daily routine.

‘’Reem Surface Disinfectant has been designed to allow you to make your business and home, free from Coronavirus, meaning anyone who enters, does so safely and with complete peace of mind. Our revolutionary biotechnology means Reem Surface Disinfectant is ruthlessly effective on Coronavirus but has no negative effects for anyone coming into direct contact with it’’

Existing products were not designed to eradicate covid-19 from surfaces and have been proven to be only partially effective.

Reem surface disinfectant is solving a real-world problem and have listened to the consumers growing demand for an environmental solution to Covid-19. 



Tried, Tested & Certified to eradicate coronavirus in 30 seconds


Eliminates Viruses, Bacteria, & Fungi


Suitable for use on all surfaces


Kind to skin and allergen free


Free from colours & fragrances


What sets our product apart?

  • 2.5 times more powerful than bleach

  • 11 times more effective at germ killing.

  • Pressure tested for use within aviation industry.

  • Tested for regular use meaning can be used to respray regularly important in aeras with high contact. 


Why is Reem Surface Disinfectant different?

  • Disinfectants normally fall under three categories: alcohol-based, bleach-based of quaternary compound (quat)-based. The active ingredient in Reem Surface Disinfectant is our uniquely stabilised Chlorine Dioxide which has more than double the power of concentrated bleach but is gentler than hand soap. 


Why haven’t we heard about this before?

  • We have been using our technology in key areas of water treatment for some time and adapted the formula on the outset of the Coronavirus pandemic specifically to provide a more effective solution than incumbent products.

Key Differentials

  • Kills envelope viruses (including Influenza and Coronavirus) in under 30 seconds. The average kill time for traditional products ranges from 5 - 10 minutes.

  • Not a cleaning product, specifically formulated to kill viruses.

  • Non-harmful to surfaces and the user (unlike bleach, alcohols and particularly QUAT’s)

  • Specifically tested to be non-clogging and safe to use in foggers, misters and electrostatic sprays.

  • Fully tested to EN medical standards.

  • Designed for repeated use.

  • Safe for use on any surface including around food, around those with sensitive skin, the elderly and the young (unlike alcohol, bleach and QUAT’s which all are potentially hazardous in these environments)

  • Unlike many widely used products Reem Surface Disinfectant will not cause dermatological, respiratory, and wider health issues with repeated use.

Does it contain Ammonium?

  • No, unlike most other products on the market, our product does not contain ammonia which is friendly to all religions. 


Does it contain Benzene?

  • No. 


What is Benzene?

  • Benzene is a material listed to be as carcinogenic as asbestos, and has recently been discovered in some Hand Sanitisers.

Is Benzene only found in hand sanitsers? 

  • No. Many products claiming to provide a “protective layer on surfaces” use benzalkmonium chloride as an active ingredient. Benzalkonium chloride is produced using benzyl chloride (which is a known carcinogen and contains a benzene). These products are widely used as disinfectants due to their low cost and availability. 


Can it be procured in concentrate?

  • Yes - for specific purposes a concentrated format is available, dosage levels vary depending on required use. 

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